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A Message From Mike

I promised at the onset of this endeavor to run this campaign with honor and dignity and no one can question we did just that. Although we came up just 19 votes short, I am proud of my team and the way we conducted ourselves. We proved politics doesn’t have to be dirty and we can bring respect back into the process.

To Dave Warner and his family: Congratulations on your victory! I pray you uphold the rule of law and protect our community as I would have done, if not better. I trust you will and wish you the best in November. 

To my incredible friends that contributed to this campaign:  Thank you for believing in me and our mission. From the amazing website to the countless doors knocked and signs posted, I am eternally grateful for your time and kindness. 

Lisa, Gabby and Joe: my words could never do justice for the love and devotion you have shown me. I will forever be grateful for my family!

Lastly, I am truly humbled by the outpouring of support from my local community as well as my law enforcement and military families. Throughout this campaign, a number of people reminded me of little things I’ve done for them over the years and to be truthful, I didn’t recall most as it’s never been about me. It’s about putting service before self and protecting what we hold most dearly: Our God, Our Country, and Our family. Thank you all again. May God Bless and Enrich your lives as He has done for me.


I remain, most humbly yours,

Michael Corricelli.



February 5, 2023

If I’ve learned anything in 32 years of government service, it’s the application of law must be fair, equal, and just for all. Every person and every situation is unique. Not everyone is guilty, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. 

I’ve dedicated my entire life to my family and serving my community. Throughout my law enforcement career, I’ve seen the best and worst of society. I’ve made the tough decisions that impact people’s lives. 

You deserve a Magisterial District Judge that can apply the law with honor, integrity and temperance. You deserve someone who has proven experience working in the criminal justice system at all levels who understands the need for justice for all. You deserve someone who understands and can impartially apply civil law.  You deserve a veteran who has always put service before self. 

My goal is to continue serving my community as I’ve done for the last 32 years as a veteran, teacher, coach, and professional law enforcement officer. Thank you for considering me for the position of Magisterial District Judge. 


Yours in community,

Michael “Mike” Corricelli

Judge and Gavel

"Pro Deo et patria"

Mike Corricelli


PO Box 285 Palmyra, PA 17078

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